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What is PoleBuddy?

PoleBuddy is studio management software specifically designed from the ground up for pole and aerial studios. PoleBuddy is home to a single service providing everything your studio needs: curriculum management, booking, scheduling, retailing, payment, social networking management, event tickets, and everything else your studio needs. PoleBuddy also supports travelling artists, enabling them to manage all their scheduling and payments in one place.

We want to provide the pole and aerial community with the software they deserve, to get them out from behind the desk, and back into the studio.

That’s great, but why are you different?

PoleBuddy was created by avid polers specifically for pole, aerial, and circus studios.

PoleBuddy was the result of over four years of research and development where we reached out to studio owners across the globe to chat about their needs, requirements, and our approach to try and solve them. PoleBuddy is the result of input from literally hundreds of studio owners around the world. We’re not a rebrand of another product, we’re built completely from scratch from the ground up based on our interactions with hundreds of studio owners.

We are not just a booking, payment, scheduling, retailing, event, and ticketing system. Well, we’re all that, plus some. Here’s some of the things that make us different from the others:

  • Create curriculums for both staff and students using our database of moves/skills and track students progress across your courses.
  • Automate memberships with retail inclusions, catch-ups, student out reach.
  • Payment plans in a single click.
  • Detailed class attendance tracking and checking.
  • Upsell retail and courses as part of enrolments.
  • FREE accounts for official pole and aerial competitions worldwide!
  • Need something added? New features are just an message, call, email, PM, carrier pidgeon away 🙂
  • For a full feature list, check out here

PoleBuddy brings EVERY aspect your studio online, letting you manage it however it suits you.

As your business grows, that’s your success, not ours, and you worked damn hard for it. That’s why we don’t believe in charging for the number of staff, users or studios you have. One flat rate provides unlimited access to PoleBuddy. Have one studio with five staff? Great! Have five studios with thirty staff? No problem! You can be assured that whilst PoleBuddy with grow with your business, our fee won’t. We’re proud that we weren’t created by a board of directors that have never step foot in a studio. We’re run by a team of avid polers and tech heads ready and willing to help with anything we can.

Our History

We’re proud not to be run by a board of directors, but instead run by people just like you wanting to promote pole and aerial around the world. PoleBuddy started as an idea in the land down under. Seeing how bad other services are suited to our industry made us want to create a service that provide everything your studio needs. After travelling around the world and back again speaking to hundreds of owners around the globe, we’re here to help.

Our Pledge

  • To be open an honest with our customers and provide a top level service.
  • To support and be involved in the pole and aerial community at all levels.
  • To not charge ridiculous amount for things that don’t actually cost anything.
  • To be run by and for pole and aerial enthusiasts.
  • To be engaged with you as an owner, rather than an anonymous person on the other end of the call – we like to be hands on with our studios.

A Message from James

Hi There!

Thanks for dropping by 🙂 We created PoleBuddy because we know the pole and aerial industry is different to others, and there was nothing out there specifically for us. We spent many years developing, testing and refining it, to make it sure it can help you run your studio or event. But first and foremost, we are about helping people.

Whilst our support team is always standing by eager and waiting to help, please feel free to reach out to us personally if we can help in anyway (our details are on the contact page) .

We hope you find PoleBuddy useful, and be sure to follow us online so we can keep in touch.

Much love from the land down under,

James Walsh