It's with a heavy heart we announce PoleBuddy is closing down March 1, 2023. Studios please see your contact email or homepage for more information from us.

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Are you media organization needing information about PoleBuddy? You’ve come to the right place.

Please note all content should be use ‘as is’, and without modification.


For the first occurrence of the name, as well as any headlines/titles, the full “PoleBuddy Studio Management” shall be used. Subsequent references in the body of text after the first occurrence can be shortened to “PoleBuddy”. Correct capitalization is always required.


PoleBuddy Studio Management is pole and aerial software, designed specifically for polers, by polers. PoleBuddy lets you manage every aspect of your studio’s bookings, curriculums, retail, event management, auditions, and ticketing in one place on any device. Not just that, but it has extra functions and free accounts for pole and aerial events and travelling artists. Find out more about PoleBuddy at or find us on Facebook as ‘PoleBuddy Studio Management’.

Logos and Graphics

Logos are available in SVG vector (AI compatible) format both black on transparent, and white on transparent. Where possible, the full logo to be used, however based on style/space constraints, only the name may be used. Only where icons are required for small graphics, the ‘poler’ logo only may be used. Graphics should have 25% of the height of the image as whitespace around the entire image.

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Interviews or Further Information

Please refer to our contact page.