It's with a heavy heart we announce PoleBuddy is closing down March 1, 2023. Studios please see your contact email or homepage for more information from us.

Free Accounts for Events

As an active member of the pole and aerial community, we’re big believers in helping out anyway we can.

As a result, ANY pole or aerial event, competition, conference or expo anywhere in the world qualifies for a FREE, unlimited PoleBuddy account to enable booking and management of the event.

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Free Accounts for Travelling Artists

Are you a travelling artist, performer, photographer or other person that services the pole and aerial industry? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back too!

You also qualify for a free, unlimited PoleBuddy account to help manage your bookings, finances, do your retail, and get your name out there to studios and in the industry.

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Sponsorship of Individuals

Are you an up and coming athelete looking for sponsorship to take you to the next level? Wanting exposure on a global level?

Get in touch and see if you can become a PoleBuddy sponsored athlete!

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Sponsorships of Studios

Is your studio a leading promoter of pole and aerial arts on a global stage? Do you host events and taking innovate steps in the industry?

Apply to become a PoleBuddy Sponsored Studio and get FREE, unlimited access to PoleBuddy along with other resources to help promote pole and aerial onto the world stage.

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