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How can PoleBuddy get you out from behind the desk and back in the studio? Check out our feature list below. New features are always being added, so if you have an idea or request, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to include it!

Studio Owners


  • Easily schedule classes, courses, equipment (including integration with guest instructors).
  • Set prerequisites for courses, so students must complete a certain course, or submit a video to be signed off as capable to enrol in more advanced classes.
  • Restrict classes by age or gender.
  • Offer discounts based on number of courses they are enrolled in.
  • Class schedules are integrated into your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or other calendar meaning everyone gets reminders about classes.
  • Integrated timesheets and invoice management mean your staff can claim as an employee or contractor (and that includes guest instructors you have!).


  • Manage all enrolments online wherever you are.
  • Wait lists mean you can keep track of interest in classes, with empty spots automatically filled from the waitlist.
  • Automate your liability disclaimer by having it as part of the online booking process. No more paper!
  • Offer recurring memberships for classes or retail goods, creating a stable income stream.
  • Make it easy for regular students by allowing them to quickly enrol in one click without having to pay any deposit.

Curriculum Management

  • Create and manage your curriculums across different skill levels.
  • You can track students’ progress through curriculums, with the ability for them to share that progress on social media (tagged with your studio of course).
  • Built in pole and aerial skills database means you can quickly create beautiful, illustrated/visual curriculums in just a few clicks.
  • Create your own skills, providing pictures, videos, and detailed instructions to your students.

Payments and Retail

  • Supports online and in-store retailing.
  • Provide digital videos and tutorials for purchase.
  • Create discounts codes for distribution to students or as part of a membership.
  • Manage payments, invoicing, supplier invoices/expenses, and accounting all in a single system.
  • Easy stocktake and daily cash-up/reconciliation.
  • Simplify tax time with accountant-friendly reporting (and double entry book keeping).
  • Available in 22 currencies with no monthly processing fees.

Event Management and Ticketing

  • Simple ticket sales for your events with a single checkbox.
  • Offer physical goods for sale at your event or online.
  • Offer digital downloads of the event to generate additional income after the event is over.
  • Guest performers and judges can be easily scheduled and included in the event in just a few clicks.

Marketing and Social Media

  • Facebook integration – students can view your schedule and book all within Facebook, receive updates about your studio, and notify students of changes (e.g. cancelled/rescheduled class) immediately through their social network.
  • Automatically have PoleBuddy post to Facebook to fill up those last few free spots in your courses.
  • Publish newsletters keeping everyone informed with the latest about your studio.
  • Keep a blog to track on going progress of the studio.


  • Automate your liability disclaimer by having it as part of the online booking process. No more paper!
  • Automatically have PoleBuddy post to Facebook to fill up those last few free spots in your courses.
  • Automatically cancel enrolments that haven’t been paid for and automatically replace that spot from the waitlist.

Understanding Your Studio

  • Get simple insights into your studio and suggestions on how to improve intake and increase re-enrolment.
  • Easily track profitability of different types of classes over time, projecting future profits.
  • Track student attendance and progress.
  • Easily see which classes, instructors, and timeslots are the most popular to help future scheduling.
  • Simple to understand reports to everything about your business.

Other Good Stuff

  • Provide instructor profiles.
  • Integrated ‘to do’ list for you and your staff let you assign tasks and track their progress.
  • See a feed of everything going on in your studio in one place – think of it like a Facebook wall just for your studio!
  • Support for multiple studio locations under the one account.
  • All ad free and unlimited – Unlimited subscription means you can have as many locations, staff, contractors, students, classes, or whatever as you like!
  • Run your entire online presence, including web site, blogs, scheduling, payments and online store in one place. Enable you, your staff and students to access everything about your studio on any device, any time.
  • Free support means you’re never alone, and integrated support means help is never more than a click away.
  • And most importantly, support from a network of fellow polers that actually care about the growth of your business 

For Event Organisers

All the above studio features, plus:

  • Free, no-restriction PoleBuddy account.
  • Find monetary or product sponsors for your event in just a few clicks.
  • Advertise your event to target markets and users in advance of time to generate ticket sales.
  • Sell products and goods through your own online store.
  • Offer digital downloads of your event through the store, generating revenue after the event.
  • Manage open auditions for your competitions, allowing students to upload audition videos, and other content, with one tick box to notify them of acceptance and publicize your competition roster on Facebook.

For Travelling Performers, Photographers, etc.

All the above studio features, plus:

  • Your account integrates with studios, so your services can be booked by studios in just a few clicks.
  • One schedule shows all your bookings across any studio worldwide.
  • Resell your goods in your own online store (including digital goods).
  • Bulk notify studios on your travel path in advance with only a few clicks, immediately allowing them to book your services online.
  • Track and easily chase missing payments and bad debts.