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Integrated event management and ticketing means everything is in one place

Auditions taken care of

Create auditions that are integrated with your billing, scheduling, and social media. Allow contestants to submit entries, have them reviewed, accepted, perform notification in just a few clicks. Need payments for accepted entrants? PoleBuddy can automatically generate invoices for entrants on-application or on-acceptance.


Facebook integration for publishing of contestants, publishing of schedule and purchasing of tickets. Provide discounts for different types of tickets/enrolments (e.g. enrolling in more than one event). Opportunity to promote your event to other studios globally with advertising.

Sponsorship and prizes

Create “Requests for Sponsorship” so pole and aerial suppliers can be automatically notified to see if they will sponsor your event.

Ticketing and retail

Created ticketed events in a single click, allowing students to download their tickets or use their phone for entry. Sell digital content after the event with only a few clicks.

Judges and guest performers included

Easily schedule and manage judges and guest performers just like normal staff and contestants, associating their PoleBuddy account with your event in a few clicks.

Free accounts for any event

Running an event and don’t have PoleBuddy? PoleBuddy offers free, no-restriction accounts for ANY aerial event worldwide, including a free domain name and email to get you started.

And a WHOLE lot more

Questions about how PoleBuddy can work for your Event?

Contact us today to discuss your needs, we’re here to help!

Running an Event, Export or Camp?

You qualify for a FREE PoleBuddy account for the event, including a free domain and associated email. It’s our way of supporting the pole and aerial community and helping it grow.

Free event accounts have no limits except events can only be scheduled during the dates of the event, and the account is active for three months following the event.

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