Marketing and Social Media

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Always be front of mind with students and make marketing a breeze

Track your success

Easily tell what classes, staff members, and timeslots are most popular so you can manage future scheduling.

Automated interaction

Keep students coming back by offering vouchers and incentives on birthdays, membership anniversaries, or if you haven’t seen them for a while.

Empty spots automatically filled

Waiting lists mean any drop out or cancellation is automatically filled. Still got spots left? Automate posts to social media to generate extra bookings for those last few spots.

Every aspect of student interaction

PoleBuddy is your website, blog, newsletter, everything-in-one.

Discount codes and gift cards

Generate interest in your business by offering discount codes, gift cards, and flexible memberships. All in a few clicks. Offer percentages, fixed amounts, or a certain number of classes for each.

Always just a tap away

Keep yourself at the front of students minds, pinned on their home screen, just a touch away wherever they are.

And a WHOLE lot more