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Organizing classes and staffing is easy

PoleBuddy notifies you of staff member, room, and equipment availability to prevent conflicts. Travelling artists and contractors can even be scheduled like normal staff members.

Individual views for what matters

Each user, staff or student, has a custom view showing only what’s important to them. Grant access to new things in one click, and that includes giving your tax guy access.

Simple recurring classes

Easily create recurring classes every term for different courses, allowing students to enrol casually or for the whole course.

Track your success

Easily tell what classes, staff members, and timeslots are most popular so you can manage future scheduling.

Generate interest

Because your schedule is live and appears on your site, Facebook and mobile devices the second you update you, students are always up-to-date with the latest classes. Automate posts to social media to generate extra bookings for those last few spots.

And a WHOLE lot more