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Unprompted feedback from real world owners and staff:

“feedback from students so far has been amazing.”

“i LOVE the planner so far! our owner is going to flip out with excitement”

“Really easy to use for someone who is technologically inept hahaha”

“(referencing staff) she was really happy, and I was impressed at how fast she got it done”

“I like the software so far. It’s a fair adjustment from mindbody so I’m just feeling my way around at the moment and it will take some getting used to. There are some really great features that will definitely save us some time. I’m really happy about the Xero integration, I did not expect that.”

“SO EASY. …. amazing, super simple. … It is way simpler than mind body.”

“You’re too kind. But In all honest. I just appreciate the help you guys provide. It’s so good to have a team that can help and turn around the way you guys do”

“I love it, the girls have been really embracing of it, makes everything so much easier”

“This truly is fantastic!!!! I can’t guarantee I won’t continue to be a pain but I do plan on learning PB as much as possible because the components are brilliant !”