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Life on the road is hard enough, simplify your travel with PoleBuddy

Life on the road travelling is hard enough without having to deal with hundreds of email, schedules split across different apps and emails, all whilst your trying to build a brand! PoleBuddy simplifies all this, bringing everything together in one place, all for free!


A single schedule shows all your classes and events across all the studios you’re visiting, letting you view info about each visit in a single click. No more shuffling paper!


Accept payments instantly online ahead of time. Track and easily chase missing payments and bad debts.


Offer your own online store to build brand awareness (including digital goods such as videos).


Bulk notify studios on your travel path in advance with only a few clicks, immediately allowing them to book your services online.

All for FREE!

Free, no-restriction PoleBuddy account with domain name and email forwarding means there’s no reason not to simplify your travel!

And a WHOLE lot more