Every feature, for one price, billed in your local currency

Unlimited staff, users, and classes

Unlimited locations

Free setup

Free automatic backups

Free trial, no commitment

Plus ALL this other good stuff

AUSTRALIAN STUDIOS PLEASE NOTE: The belowprice is GST inclusive. If you are registered for GST, your final cost after lodging your BAS will only be $85.

Pricing is per month, beginning after your two month free trial. PoleBuddy is free for pole, aerial, and circus events worldwide.

92 inc GST
85 exc GST
AUD Australia
65 EUR Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
410 DKK Denmark
55 GBP United Kingdom
520 NOK Norway
550 SEK Sweden
75 USD United States
75 CHF Switzerland
225 BRL Brazil
85 CAD Canada
520 HKD Hong Kong
7,100 JPY Japan
1,200 MXN Mexico
90 NZD New Zealand
90 SGD Singapore

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Access all of PoleBuddy’s functionality for as many staff and as many studio locations as your business needs.

As you business grows to more locations and employs more staff, that’s its own reward and we don’t believe you should have to pay any more. PoleBuddy costs the same no matter how many locations you have, no matter how many staff you have or however many courses you run.

There are many things your business has to worry about, PoleBuddy isn’t one of them.

Running a pole, aerial, or dance event, competition, or camp?

If so you get all this for free for the duration of the event! Click here to find out more

Q. Is it hard to setup?

A. When you create an account, a wizard will take you through creating your account by asking you simple questions about your studio. If you get stuck, PoleBuddy support is ready and waiting to help.

Q. Do I have to pay for setup or support?

A. Unlike other providers, we don’t believe that you should pay for a product, and then pay to learn how to use it. Contact the dedicated set of polers behind the site, or use our online forums to get help from other studio owners.

Q. This sounds awesome! Are there any catches?

A. Nope, just simple studio management brought to you by fellow polers! Proudly built and run by polers, not a board of directors.

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